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Earthmover was recorded at Riversound Studios on the Mid North Coast of NSW by Les Woodford.

With both Eveonne’s and my own hard work and bartering we managed to fund and record the Album over 12 months with our group of handpicked musicians chosen to bring life to our songs. These include:

From the Wild Turkey Band www.wildturkeyband.com
Benjy Pocock on Lead and Rythym Guitar
Soni Kildey on Bass

Multi Moe Award winner for Variety Entertainer
Shelley White on Keyboards and Piano Accordian

National Harmonica Champion

The Harmonica Man- Juzzie Smith www.harmonicaman.com.au

Musical Director and Producer
Les Woodford on Drums

Hugh Cowley on Fiddle

Steven Isoardi extra Keyboards

Female Vocal in Daddy Lets Play
Donella Plane www.donellaplane.com

Earthmover" an album about Australian life experiences, is a 13 track album with 10 original songs written by my wife Eve and myself. Five of these songs have won TSA songwriting awards including Earthmover, Back Outback, Coastal Cowboy, Colours in the Sky and Luckiest Land.

Some of my Album reviews are as follows:

"Earthmover" is a fine Album celebrating Rod Esam's intimate and unique connection to the land".
Capital News

“This is the genuine sound of the Aussie Outback with his easy voice and driving rhythms”.
RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine

“Rod’s style is a great example of what is described as controlled modern country sound, the album throbs with vitality without once going over the top”.
The Guardian

"Earthmover" working with machinery has been my life from as young as I6 years old and hence the title track of the Album. We have recorded two versions with Track 1 being a swampy, country blues feel which really allows for the story of the song to come through complimented by the superb harmonica of Juzzie Smith. The 2nd version is Eveonnes favourite with it’s upbeat Rock style guitar and keyboards. It is a fun song and will boost the ego’s of all those blokes who work in the dirt. The Earthmover Music Video clip is currently broadcast on Austars CMC.

'Back Outback" was my first single released off the Album in 2002 as my tribute to the Year of the Outback. It went on to enjoy 6 weeks on the Top 30 Country Tracks. Originally from the outback, this song is a story about the facets of the outback most important to me and the girl I met and married after a drilling accident in the Simpson Desert.

"Country is Me"
basically sums me up. Being passionate about country Australia, it’s people, values, stories and ways of life are the driving force behind this song.

"Gentleman Jim" was a highly respected bushman who worked and lived on the Australian Dog Fence in rugged Outback Australia. This ballad is my dedication to my much loved pop.

"The Wild Colonial Boy" I love to sing this traditional song and as you will hear it has a familiar upbeat sound with the gutsy bass line punching it along. I won The QLD Champion of Champions Male vocal with this song.

"Daddy Lets Play" This is a beautiful duet with Donella Plane. I am the story teller of a young cowboy who lost his wife and baby girl one night in a car accident after a rodeo. Donella is the cowboys wife singing to him from heaven. The sincerity of the words combined with dynamic vocals and the magnificent fiddle of Hugh Cowley make this one beautiful song.

"Taking Time Out" I have finally taken time out to do what I always wanted to do and that is to write songs and sing them to people. This song makes me want to jump in the car, wind down the window, turn on the radio and head on down the road.

"Colours In The Sky" is an Australian Gospel song that may people can relate to. Often we question our Faith only to be reassured by nature and the beauty around us.

"Coastal Cowboy"
my 3rd single released off the Album in September 2003. It is about what happens when you take a bloke from the bush and put him on the coast, it is an audience favourite and sounds like Bonanza going surfing in Aus.

“Outback” is a reflection of pioneering spirits that tramped our great land. This is a Henry Lawson poem written over I00 years ago and performed as a meaningful monologue.

“Luckiest Land” This is a contemporary musical ballad that I wrote after I moved from the Outback to the Mid North Coast of NSW on the edge of the Great Dividing Range. I love the diversity of this land and I will always continue to respect and protect it as the Luckiest Land.

“Let Me” No country album is complete without a love song. I am very fortunate to have a very talented and motivated wife who is also my business partner, co-writer and manager. This is my song for her.

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