Rovers & Drovers Australiana Show:

The Rovers And Drovers Australiana Show CD

Celebrating 2002 "Year of the Outback" Rovers and Drovers will bring a unique compilation of Australian Bush Culture to your special event. Film footage depicts the history and cultures of Regional and Outback Australia whilst award winning singer-songwriter, Rod Esam, sings some of Australia's most loved Folk and Country songs.

Rovers and Drovers welcome the audience into Sydney Harbour in the days of the first fleet with a song about the convicts arriving in Australia. The audience is then taken on a historical tour of Australia by Waltzing Matilda through Ned Kelly Country and into modern Rural and Outback Australia.

We visit the Great Australian Outback through cattle and sheep country with songs of swaggies, drovers and shearers all whilst film footage provides the visual story behind these songs.

Indigenous Culture is incorporated into the show with Peter Williams, talented aboriginal artist and international dance instructor. Peter plays dijeridu, wears cultural dress and shares his culture with his audience.

Australian Whip Cracking Champion Angie Mooney incorporates the history and uses of the Australian Stock whip with her skillfull whip cracking techniques.

Rovers & Drovers recognise Australia's Multiculturalism with "I am Australian" as their moving finale which stirs the proud Australian at every performance.

Complimenting the Show are special guest appearances by Clair Hayes, "Australian Maid" providing fun Bush Dances for all the family.

Registered with the 2002 National Secretariat for "Year of the Outback" accredited by the NSW Department of Education and the QLD Arts Council, R&D Australian Country proudly presents this educational and entertaining show to remind us of our Heritage. To encourage pride and sense of nationhood for all Australians from all different cultures and to look at Rural and Outback Australia as it is today with promotion of our Agricultural Industries and Outback life.

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Eveonne Esam

Mobile number: 0412 653 032


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The Rovers And Drovers Australiana Show CD is available for sale:

The Rovers And Drovers Australiana Show CD available now!!


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Eveonne Esam, show manager
Eveonne Esam
show manager

Rovers & Drovers, 2001
Rovers & Drovers, 2001
2002 Australia Day Celebration, Forster NSW
2002 Australia Day
Celebration, Forster NSW

2002 Nymagee Outback Festival
2002 Nymagee
Outback Festival
Angie Mooney, Australian Whipcracking Champion
Angie Mooney
whipcracking champion

Peter William, Indigenous Artist/ Dancer/ Musician
Peter William indigenous
Clair Hayes, singer-songwriter
Clair Hayes



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