Press & Media Releases:

Media Editorials:

Great Lakes Advocate Nov 6 2002 "Tamworth premiere"  
Independent Country Muisc Bulletin Dec 2002 "Introducing Rod Esam"  
Jan 2003 Capital News Jan 2003 "Rod Esam- earthmover breaks new ground"  
Country Music Times Souvenir Jan 2003 "Musos set up Base"  
Great Lakes Advocate Feb 12 2003 "Rod's got the earthmoving"  
Manning River Times Feb 26 2003 "Earthmover gets in gear for gigs"  
Capital News 2003    
Sunraysia Daily Sept 27 2003 "Esam rides wave of popularity"  
Barrier Daily Truth Oct 11 2003 "Roundup calls Rod home"  
RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine Dec/Jan 2003 "Earthmover goes bush"  

Album Reviews:

"R&D Australiana Show"    
LE CRi DU Coyote March 2003 France  
Capital News by Deborah Minter    
ACMLA Magazine by Smoky Sheldrick    
The Guardian "Country Pickins" by Burt Everett    
Country Update Magazine      
G'Day G'day Magazine      
RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine June/July Issue 2003    

Media Releases:

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