Let Me

'Let me' is a song that is fairly self-explanatory. No Country music album is complete without a love song. Eveonne, my wife, is also my friend, my inspiration and in fact my biggest back side kicker. I wouldn't be.. without her.

Honey this song is for you!

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Let Me
Lyrics and Music by Rod Esam

Let me be the first to show
Let me be the first to show
The way I feel about you
I have to make you see
My only wish my only dream

Let me be the first to say
How beautiful your'e looking girl to-day
To me one of a kind
You are always on my mind
And in my thoughts and dreams you'll always be

The one whose made my life what it is
Been there to share, care and always giving
Endless love through good, bad and grief
Yet it sometimes takes a while for me to see

Let me take the time to show
The way I feel about you- let you know
You're the one I love under sun and moon above
And you will always be my only dream

Rod and Eve Esam     Eveonne Esam, show manager

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