Earthmover lyrics:

"Earthmover" is a 13 track album recorded at Riversound Studios by Les Woodford. 10 of the songs on the Album were written by Eve and myself representing parts of our lives our thoughts and passions. Five of these songs including: Earthmover, Coastal Cowboy, Luckiest Land, Colours in the Sky and Gentleman Jim have won TSA Songwriting awards with Coastal Cowboy being a Finalist in the TSA National Songwriting Competition. The two traditional songs on the Album were chosen due to their Australian Heritage with their content being closley related to what we represent in our Rovers and Drovers Australiana Show.

The Earthmover Album is promoted as an Album about Australian life experiences because that is exactly what it is. Both Eve and I are very proud "Aussies" and we are very passionate about our country's heritage, it's agricultural and geographical resources. Releasing the Album at the Tamworth Festival in 2003 to an audience of over 700 people was an extremely emotional experience for both of us. From writing the songs, the music to recording and marketing includes lots of time, energy, money and belief in yourself so to actually then release that Album to the rest of the world is like laying your heart out on the table. Our biggest reward so far is for people like yourselves to come out of the audience and say " I loved that song" or "I can really relate to that song" we look at each other and smile, we've just gained the encouragment we need to continue on our journey..

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