Coastal Cowboy

Coastal Cowboy is a fun song about all us cowboys that make their life on the coast. We don't quite fit in, old ways die hard, yet we make a go of it and have a great time anyway. It's a bit like Bonanza going surfing in Aus. Have a listen, I think you'll like it.

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Coastal Cowboy
Lyrics by Rod and Eve Esam Music by Rod Esam

Well I知 a Country boy but more diverse than most
You see I come from the Country and now I live on the Coast
And I have to tell you people this life is treating me fine, oh Yeah
All the boys out West think I知 way off course
when I grab my old surfboard and I jump on my horse
And I head down to the surf where the waves are breaking in lines.

Well I知 a Coastal Cowboy from away out West
with my Billabong T shirt and no longer a vest
You know I traded in my spurs for a pair of brand new thongs, Oh Yeah
A pair of bad boy shades to make me look real cool
but I kept this old hat because I知 nobodies fool
And I guess I知 just destined to be a Coastal Cowboy

Now I can ride a board just like I rode a bull
but when I come off that thing it don稚 hurt when I fall
And when I do I feel like a steer that痴 roped by the leg, Oh Yeah
While I知 ridin on a wave I can稚 help but relate
to the rush with the swing of that old shute gate
My extreme 8 second ride as a Coastal Cowboy
Rod riding his horse

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